Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Two New Mini Prints

Trying a little experiment...
Two new mini-prints are now available in my Etsy shop!
"Eat" and "Fussy."
Nothin fancy: 5.5 x 5.5" (including .25" border for framing) on extra thick, 100% recycled, matte paper.
$15 each

Monday, April 3, 2017

Arc at Nahcotta gallery

"Turn" and "Flip"

I have two new 16", half-moon shaped paintings in 
"Arc" at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH.
Show opens this Fri, 4/7/17 and runs through 4/30.
The entire show is online now at

Saturday, March 4, 2017

4 NEW PRINTS via Light Grey Art Lab.

Onward, 12x16" (prints and original available here.)

I have four brand new paintings in "To Be You" at the newly renovated/expanded Light Grey Art Lab gallery in Minneapolis. 
The originals are available for purchase and each one is also available as a print! (Links to each piece below images.) 

Pretty/Fierce, 12x16" (prints and original available here.)

Vigilant, 12x16", (prints and original available here.) 

Leery, 12x16" (prints and original painting available here.)

Panorama from the beginning of last night's reception.

Southwest Journal has a great write up about the gallery expansion and new exhibitions:
"Light Grey Art Lab’s Bold Ambition: The creative hub and gallery celebrates five years with a major expansion." by Dylan Thomas

Gallery construction photo by Dylan Thomas for Southwest Journal.

You can find me and my work near the snack table.

My photos are horrible but the new galleries and shop are gorgeous!

Stop in and visit the show in person.
You'll leave inspired, I promise!
More of my horrible photos:

Paper Masks by Camille Chew

Ink Drawing by Andres Guzman

Embroidery by Alanna Stapleton

Gouache portrait of Twinkle by Allegra Lockstadt

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

New Doggie Greeting Cards

Six of my newest Greeting Cards via Artists to Watch!

I have a bunch of new greeting cards available via 
Ordering info here- individual cards, boxed sets and wholesale options available.

This box set has two each of four different dog cards (blank inside) with 8 envelopes for $12.95. Order here.

...don't worry- there's a kitty box set too!

Birds, Bears, PhoneFaces and a bunch of other stuff too! 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Get Lucky 2017

Tiger, acrylic/graphite, 12x16".

I donated my "Tiger" painting to SooVAC’s Annual Fundraising Gala and Silent Art Auction: "GET LUCKY"

One night only! 
Saturday January 28th, 2017 7pm-11pm
at Soo Visual Arts Center (map)

NEW THIS YEAR- MOBILE BIDDING for those that can not attend in person!

Preview the works and learn how to place your bid here.

Preview and bid on artworks from the silent auction online!

"Tasty Treats and Beverages provided by: Bad Weather Brewing Company, Bryant Lake Bowl, Canteen 3255, Chowgirls Killer Catering, Common Roots, Fulton Beer, Kyatchi, Tattersall Distilling and more...

Music by Lori Barbero and Sarah White

ART BY: Alyssa Baguss, Mary Bergs, Ute Bertog, Anna Biedenbender, Amelia Biewald, Rachel Breen, Andrea Carlson, Jaron Childs, Tara Costello, Jennifer Davis, Jim Denomie, John Diebel, Pete Driessen, Aaron Dysart, Clea Felien, Toni Gallo,Ruthann Godollei, Greg Gossel, Samuel Hanson Willis, Christopher Harrison, Pao Her, Alison Hiltner, Joshua Huyser, Kate Iverson, Brett Kallusky, Shana Kaplow, Keren Kroul, John Largaespada, Chris Larson, David Lefkowitz, Curt LeMieux, Rob McBroom, Paula McCartney, Shelly Mosman, Wil Natzel, Kelly O'Brien, Britt Omann, Terrence Payne, Kayla Plosz, David Rathman, Amy Rice, Erika Ritzel, Elaine Rutherford, Joe Sinness, Lindsay Smith, David Sollie, Bruce Tapola, Lex Thompson, Megan Vossler, Caitlin Warner and Michon Weeks"

SooVAC Members: $50 Advanced Tickets: $60 Tickets at the Door: $65
Hope to see you there!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Count Backwards from 10 at Fox Tax

TONIGHT (Sat, 1/14/17) at Fox Tax Gallery in NE Minneapolis!
"Count Backwards from 10"

"After 10 years in our current location, watching the once sleepy NE neighborhood fully awake from its un-gentrified slumber, we are now making plans to move this coming spring and with that move, marking the end of the Gallery @ Fox Tax.  To celebrate and reminisce on the last 10 years of art events, we will be stuffing the walls to the brim with work from over 20 of our most illustrious alumni in a jam-packed 10 year retrospective extravaganza!"

I have four paintings in the show.

"Apparition", "Kilter", "Little Birdy" and "Weathervane"

Peeks at the install from @foxtax.

via City Pages:
"...Fox Tax, founded by brother-sister team Mark and Alyssa Fox, opened shop in northeast Minneapolis in 2006. As tax accountants, they specialized in sorting out the ultra-complicated 1040s of artists, musicians, and other creative types. Since their offices had more space than they could fill, they decided to turn the front part of the building into a gallery. Rock 'n' roll.

For their final show in their current space, next week the duo will be hosting a 10-year retrospective featuring the artists who helped make the gallery great. That includes whimsical illustrator DC Ice, animal portrait expert Jennifer Davis, and Gregory Euclide, whose beautiful nature paintings/installations you might recognize from Bon Iver's eponymous 2011 album..."

"...Back in 2007, before business-run art galleries became a PR norm, sprouting up shamelessly in IT companies, BMW dealerships and chiropractic offices, siblings Mark and Alyssa Fox opened a showroom in what would seem to be the most bloodless, art-averse environment imaginable: a tax-planning office. But the Gallery at Fox Tax soon became a legit force. It had a knack for party throwing, an always surprising eye for art we would grow to consider quintessentially Minneapolitan — the gallery was an early champion of design-y painters Garrett Perry, Jennifer Davis and John Grider — and generally operated with sincerity and taste, when it easily could have pandered and fished for clients. (Its bread-and-butter is “to make an art out of your business,” i.e., tax prep for creatives.) Saturday’s opening is an anniversary (10 years), a retrospective (group show of 20 gallery alumni) and also a tentative farewell: With Fox Tax relocating this summer, the gallery “in its current form” is slated to close in April. Sad..."

Artists include:
DC Ice, Corey McNally, Jennifer Davis, John Grider, Nick Howard, 
Laura Hallen, Andy Messerschmidt, Josie Lewis, Eric Inkala, 
Jaron Childs, Alex Kuno, Garrett Perry, Shawn McNulty, 
Rob McBroom, Nick Golfis, John Diebel, Colin Kopp, Gregory Euclide, 
Anne George, Daniel Buettner, Jon Aller, Kenneth Steinbach, 

Peter Geyen, and Hannah Frick.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

One Day Sale & Open Studio 12/10/16!

Test prints of sold out editions for sale!

with my friend and fellow Mpls artist Amy Rice!

Sat Dec 10, 2016- 11am- 4pm
at Amy's studio (#602) in the California Building, NE Mpls (map)

Lots of hand-painted thrift store tchotchkes!

I'll have lots of prints (including some test prints from sold out editions!), original paintings, painted found-object thrift store sculptures, handmade paint earrings, etc. (at discounted prices.)

Original paintings...

Handmade 100% poured paint earrings!

Amy will be selling all kinds of neato things from her "nice nest press" line.

Letterpress prints and hand-printed textiles by Amy Rice for "a nice nest press."

This event takes place during the California Building's monthly "Second Saturday's" self-guided tour of open studios. Lots of artists open their studio doors for casual browsing, shopping and collecting so you can make an afternoon of it- it's fun!

Hanging some artwork...

Please come out and visit if you're in the area?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Fancy Schmancy Gallery

Hollywood, 12x16", acrylic/graphite on mounted panel.

Exciting News!
The Jealous Curator has started a brand new art gallery, Fancy Schmancy Gallery!
I made this futuristic Hollywood Sign painting for the first show.


Fancy Schmancy Gallery is open all day, every day. No appointments necessary. No need to find parking. Whether you live in a huge city or a tiny town you can "wander" through Fancy Schmancy whenever you like.

Every two months there will be a new show, filled with original artwork that was created specifically for that show, and available nowhere else... fancy, right?
Fancy Schmancy Gallery was created by Danielle Krysa, aka The Jealous Curator, with hopes of making unique, original art accessible to everyone everywhere. (Also, Danielle just wanted an excuse to give assignments to her favorite artists to see what they'd make!). She also works with artists and collectors all over the world, so if there is work that you're looking for that you can't find, Danielle will be happy to help."

"West" also features work by: Anthony Zinonos, Martha Rich, Sandra Eterovic, Jessica Brilli, and Stephanie K. Clark.
Check out the show here:

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I just sent out an email newsletter. Click here if you want to read it and/or subscribe. xo, jd

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


"Bird/Dog", 11x14" eight color screen prints are in my shop!

I had a blast as the guest artist at the Lawrence Arts Center in Kansas!
I was there for one week as the inaugural artist for their new "Ad Astra Editions" Professional Print Series from the John Talleur Print Shop.

Here's me in the Print Shop gazing lovingly at my freshly completed prints. (Pic by @GraceDChin)

This was my first time screen printing since I made a Fugazi T-shirt in high school! 
I learned all about the entire process from three amazing pros: Tonja Torgerson (Print Studio Fellow), Tressa Jones (Printmaking Artist in Residence) and Grace Chin (Artist Extraordinaire from WonderFair.

Photo of me, Tonja and Grace by Marlo Angell via

We created an edition of 160, 8 color screen prints of my painting "Bird/Dog."
These prints, and the original painting, are now available in my Etsy shop!
The prints are 11x14" each and they are REVERSIBLE: it's a bird and if you flip it upside down it's a dog!

Here are a few more photos from my time in at the LAC:
Proofs of each layer with corresponding screens below. We hung these on the wall for the Print Release party to show the process.

Tonja using her amazing eagle eyes to check the registration. 

Registration of the screen with a test print.

Loading the paper onto the vacuum table for printing- Pic by Marlo Angell via

Four colors done- Pic by Marlo Angell via

Pic by Marlo Angell via

Front entrance of LAC. #AllTheFilters

Blue ink layer.

More proofs with corresponding screens. Imagine printing each of 8 screen layers onto the print x 160...over 1280 pulls of ink across the screen...all done by hand over the course of a few days. 

One more layer to go...the final navy/outline.

HUGE thank you to everyone that made my time in Lawrence so special and fun- opportunity of a lifetime!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Printmaking Residency at Lawrence Arts Center in KS

The brand new custom Takach press at the John Taller Print Studio, Lawrence Arts Center. (Photo via @thinkgirlpress)

I've been invited to participate in an exciting art-making opportunity at the Lawrence Arts Center in Lawrence, KS! 

On Monday, Aug 29, I'll be starting a print-making residency at the John Talleur Print Studio.
This will be my first time (since I made a Fugazi T-shirt in 11th grade...25 years ago!) silkscreening- I'm nervous and excited.

The studio is creating a new program to publish limited edition artist prints, educate the public about printmaking, support artists, and raise funds for more printmaking programming at the Lawrence Arts Center. 

I am so thrilled to be the Print Shop's inaugural Ad Astra Print Edition Artist!
I'll work directly with a team of printmakers, led by Tonja Torgerson (LAC Printmaking Fellow), to publish a professional edition based on one of my new paintings.

If you're in the area, please join us on September 2nd from 5:00-7:30 pm (remarks at 6:00 pm) to celebrate with an Open House of the new John Talleur Printmaking Studio and launch of Ad Astra Editions first artist’s print. 

I'm keeping the artwork under wraps for now but you can follow along on my adventures via Instagram:
New prints coming SOON!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Enormous Tiny Art Show #20!

Details of new little car paintings for ETA #20!

I am pleased to announce that I am once again participating in the Enormous Tiny Art Show at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH. This is the TWENTIETH iteration of the show! 20!!!

Ford Fairlane 500, 5x5", acrylic/graphite on mounted panel, $100 (Sold)

True Story: I got locked out of my own car insurance loan because when I called the lender with a billing issue I was unable to answer Security Questions such as: 
"What is the model of your car?", "What year is your car?", "What year did you buy your car?" and so on... I only know that my car is GRAY! Oh- and a HONDA!

My point is that I don't really care much about cars. I wouldn't own one if I didn't live in the Frigid Tundra. However, I have amassed a large collection of photos of adorable cars that I see on walks and bike rides around Minneapolis. 

Dodge Tradesman 200, 5x5", acrylic/graphite on mounted panel, $100 (Sold)

I've participated in the Enormous Tiny Art Show about...11 times??? Maybe more.
Enormous Tiny Art Show ?- collaged book covers
Enormous Tiny Art Show 5- tiny dog BFF paintings
Enormous Tiny Art Show 6- creepy little paintings
Enormous Tiny Art Show 7- lovey dovey little paintings
Enormous Tiny Art Show 9- weird little paintings
Enormous Tiny Art Show 10- little painted wooden fruits
Enormous Tiny Art Show 11- little paintings
Enormous Tiny Art Show 12- painted lady portraits
Enormous Tiny Art Show 14- painted thrift store birds
Enormous Tiny Art Show 19- 8" painted wooden boxes

Jeep Wagoneer, 5x5", acrylic/graphite on mounted panel, $100

It's been a fun challenge to come up with a new art project for each show. A perfect use for the car photos I've collected over the years...

Mercury Cougar (hotly debated on my FB), 5x5", acrylic/graphite on mounted panel, $100

Jaguar XJ6, 5x5", acrylic/graphite on mounted panel, $100

Dodge Dart, 5x5", acrylic/graphite on mounted panel, $100

Ford Galaxie, 5x5", acrylic/graphite on mounted panel, $100

Thank you for looking! 
My work from the show is available for purchase here.
Check out the entire show (IT'S MASSIVE!) online here or attend the opening reception in person at
Nahcotta on Fri Sept 2, 2016, 5-8pm.